The Sun and the Moon and Other Memories

As the exhibition draws to a close we say thank you to everyone who came, saw, talked, drank, and of course all the memories!

Thank you to Andreas Körner of Biophile, Jenna Al-Ali of Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau and James Daykin of Daykin Marshall Studio who all contributed to an evening of presentations last Thursday. Thank you to all the practices who took part: AY ArchitectsCook Robotham Architectural Bureau/ Daykin Marshall StudioCarl Turner ArchitectsaLL Design Studio Octopi Biophile, and a special thank you to all those behind the scenes who made it happen ( you know who you are!).

We are waiting in excitement for the next outing of our installation #Circle, which will be at the Double Vicious launch event on 15th July.

James Daykin from Daykin Marshall Studio
Circle, installation by Scene