Scene is … emerging

So, a little update on how the Scene project is developing – slowly, slowly behind the scenes, until one summer’s day it will emerge as a butterfly (we hope):

The location hunt continues… looking for any kind of property in London can be daunting and disheartening, but when that place is meant to say everything we want to say, and house all of our dreams and more – it’s a big ask. But we’re on it. Watch this space! (Or tell us if you spy a space more like!!)

Meanwhile however, we’ve been having some fun. Graphic identity fun. Certainly beats those financial forecasts anyway, it’s almost like dress-up for a business: so who will I be today?

Here are a selection of my favourite logo designs and visual identity graphics from our extensive research:

Clockwise from top: Marcia´s Patisser 2012 by Eva Yarza Hilario, via Behance; Sam LaneMorey Talmor Graphic Design.

L-R: leah flores via society 6; From Up North.

From top: Fieldwork; Andrew Colin Beck.

Clockwise from top: Columbus Creative by Chase Turberville; The Design Blog; The Cabbage Creative; Mud 2012, SOPAGRAPHICS.