Power Play

In response to the theme of “Power” this installation explores how architecture has the power to influence human behaviour, by inviting visitors to respond creatively to their spatial environment rather than react passively to its directives.

On entry to the gallery the visitor is met with a dimly lit backstage space in which a maze of temporary supports crudely props the imposing underside of an amphitheatre.

The classical form of the amphitheatre is significant: a recognisable symbol of the powerful legacy of the Roman and Greek Empires, and an example of how architectural language has the power to unify society. Precariously propped up , this installation highlights the juxtaposition between the transience and instability of individual power and the lasting legacy of architectural contributions. .

Once inside the arena natural light floods from above while the forms and materials reflect solidity and stability. This is a forum for the people, highlighting the transformative role of architecture to empower – a place to bring people together through the interaction, performance and debate. The central sandpit filled with brightly coloured buckets of iconic London buildings playfully encourages users to take control of the city- the temporary creations a reminder of how fragile our world is.

Key to the proposal is the opportunity the installation presents for events within the amphitheatre. The theme of Power and its relationship to architecture is a provocative subject matter and this space an open platform for debate.


An RIBA competition entry in collaboration with Catherine Wilson ARB, of CSK Architects.