Process in Work: Studio Weave

Founded in 2006, Studio Weave is an award-winning RIBA Chartered architecture practice based in London. The studio balances a joyful, open-minded approach with technical precision to create a diverse body of work in the UK and abroad for public, private and commercial clients. Studio Weave values idiosyncrasies in creating a sense of place, from the characteristics that make somewhere unique, to the niche skills of people with a connection to the project. Their aim is to harness the strengths of each project and its team to create something distinctive and of exceptional quality.

Studio Weave’s ethos is to recognise that each and every project is a transformation; aiming to make a place the best version of itself – allowing places to play to their strengths and not imposing preconceived ideals. They believe that the realisation of an idea is as important as the idea itself, and focus significant effort into finding innovative ways to realise their projects. Collaboration is key to Studio Weave’s practice and they enjoy working closely with everyone involved in and affected by the design process, including clients, users, funders, contractors, consultants, and neighbours.

At ‘Process in Work’, Studio Weave will be presenting the workings behind their project ‘Lullaby Factory’ – the transformation of an unused, landlocked outdoor space at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. This work, and the creative process which went on in order for the project to be realised, is as interesting and beautiful as the end product itself, responding to the site in imaginative ways.

Lullaby Factory by Studio Weave