Process in Work: Sorsha Galvin

Sorsha Galvin is a sculptor from the west coast of Ireland. Sorsha did a BA in Fine art at the Galway-Mayo institute of technology and later completed a Masters in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. She lives and works in London.

For ‘Process in Work’ Sorsha will be using her body to sculpt and mold over 180kg of clay, creating a new piece of work over the period of the exhibition, called ‘Back to Nowhere’.

‘Back to nowhere’
The boat has long been used as a symbol for the last journey, the carrier of souls. The boat is also a symbol of the body itself, a container; its integrity compromises a boundary. Its empty space makes a cavity in the surrounding water in the same way that our bodies displace air. ‘Back to nowhere’ draws from these associations, it is the body transfigured into another object.

The Departed, Sorsha Galvin
The Departed, Sorsha Galvin