Process in Work: Max Fordham R+I

We have an exciting line-up for our next instalment of the Process series,Process in Work‘, starting with the Reasearch and Innovation group from the engineers Max Fordham.

A few words from Max Fordham R+I on their proposal ‘Moiré Screens’ for ‘Process in Work’:

Art, physics and engineering collide in a multi-faceted piece, investigating and experimenting with architectural applications of moiré patterned screens.

There are two mains strands to the work; the first is to create and enjoy the mind bending secondary patterns formed by the superposition of two inherently less complex patterns overlaid in series. A group of pieces will be created by shining light through perforated sheet material panels creating the moiré effects by either occlusion or projection. The pieces will be interactive so that viewers can both engage with and contribute to the process.

The second strand of work involves analysing the physical properties of the Moiré Screens to assist the design development of useful architectural lighting and airflow applications. The MF R+I team will be resident in the gallery space working on a range of experiments both physical and virtual to determine aspects such as light transmission, solar heat gain and the fluid dynamics of air flow through the screens. The results of these analyses, illustrations of applications, scribble sketches, concept designs and detailed drawings will be produced and displayed on a constantly evolving pin board alongside the Moiré Screens themselves.

MF R&I Process Moire Screens