Process Call Out



Process is a series of exhibitions/ residencies which will be held by Scene over three two-week periods on the subject of creative process. The aim is to open discussion on the topic across multiple creative disciplines, looking at the different emphasis placed on the importance of process over outcome.

The series will run for three months, during which time various pieces of works will be created, and themes explored. The series will culminate in an exhibition charting the progress and outcomes, which will also be documented as a paper.

As part of Process, Scene will be holding various events to encourage debate, experimentation and greater understanding. These events will take the forms of open table discussions; presentations; workshops; open collaboration; live demonstrations; life drawing; and 1:1 installations celebrating all forms of creativity. The programme will be a mixture of paid and unpaid events, with a discount being available to local visitors.

Scene’s aim is to promote the crossovers between art, design and architecture in an accessible way, encouraging participation and exploration for all.

We are still open to input so please get In contact if you have something to add to the topic of ‘Process’. This includes workshops, installations, proposed work and presentations/ discussions on the topic – the field is open so just let us know what you’re thinking!

Please include examples of your work, alongside details on your proposal, and send it in to: