Paved Paradise: Ute Kreyman

Ute Kreyman is a Fine Artist, working alternately in sculpture drawing and photography. She lives in London where she completed an MA in Fine Art and has been teaching art and design for many years.

‘In Between Places ‘ is the first in a group of works referencing to the differing histories and cultural influences we all individually bring with us. This mix contributes to the fabric of a town or city. ‘In Between Places’ grew out of living in the East End of London, one of the most international and culturally mixed areas of the capital; and the shared experience that communication with people opens up access to other worlds, their worlds- often not as presented by the media. ‘In Between Places ‘ is a sculpture using references to textiles and African architecture.

Ute will also be giving a presentation as part of the ‘Evening with the Artists’ on Tuesday 13th.

paved paradise