Paved Paradise: Sorsha Galvin

Sorsha Galvin is a sculptor from the west coast of Ireland. Sorsha did a BA in Fine art at the Galway-Mayo institute of technology and later completed a Masters in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. She lives and works in London.

Sorsha’s praxis-oriented educational background and extensive experience with the handling of clay has provided her work with a keen focus on material qualities, and on the inherent issues of materiality. She is primarily concerned with addressing notions to do with traces of the body, left behind in space and time, traversing between the physical and the metaphysical. As a result, the processes involved in the production of the works are integral to the generation of their meaning. These processes include the partial burial of Sorsha’s body in clay and the careful excavation of resultant cast forms. It is in this transformation that new meaning is unearthed.

Sorsha will be speaking about her creative practice at ‘An Evening with the Artists‘ on 13th October – reserve your ticket here.

sorsha galvin paved paradise