Paved Paradise: Joanna Layla

Joanna Layla is an illustrator and image-maker based in South London. Graduating with first class honours in English Language and Literature sparked her interest in the choreography of visual communication and in developing a visual language to shape a world of words. Forever drawing, her work rotates around the hand drawn – her initial line constantly seeking a visual solution.

Recognised as an emerging talent in the world of illustration, with each new project she embraces the flexibility of her discipline, challenging her own illustration practice. From live illustration to set design, album artwork and editorial, and most recently collaborating with animators, videographers, poets and musicians on the interdisciplinary U N F O L D project. She is currently creating the illustrations for a series of poetry books and a short film, and has recently shown work in London and US.

U N F O L D  is a multidisciplinary arts collaboration featuring illustration, animation, poetry, film, spoken word and music across digital and live music platforms. U N F O L D at its heart is about bringing poetry and the iconic poetry book format to life. Working with young poets to bring the page to life – so that the text becomes part of an interdisciplinary picture of sound, design and animation.

Especially for # U N F O L D  Joanna Layla collaborated with animator Lizzy Rowlatt and the augmented reality app  B L I P P A R  to create three interactive prints. Each print has hidden animated content soundtracked and inspired by the poet Sarah Eliza’s  ’All These Words’.

To discover the hidden content download the Blippar app for free, frame the image and watch the image unfold.

Twitter/ Instagram @joannalayla

Joanna will be leading our artistic efforts at Scene’s Big Draw event, as well as speaking at ‘An Evening with the Artists‘ on Tuesday 13th October, along with UNFOLD collaborators Lizzy Rowlatt and Dan Tsu (Lyrix Oranix).