Paved Paradise: Exhibitors

Paved Paradise is set to open on 6th October, with an exciting programme of events to support it (see earlier posts)!

Paved Paradise sets the scene for an otherworldly experience: one where nature fights to tip the balance in a typical domestic household, questioning everyday design and it’s relationship to our surroundings.

Exhibiting will be: Blue Guy Pottery; Claire Nicolson; Electra Costa; Emily Gilbert; Emily Stapleton-Jefferis; Forest and Found; Garden Book Club; Ian Law; Joanna Layla; Louis Craig Carpenter; Nikki Strange; One We Made Earlier; Pikku Potin; Rob McSweeney; Samin Ahmadzadeh; Sorsha Galvin; Uncommonly Beautiful; and Ute Kreyman.

More information on each exhibitor is to follow.

paved paradise