Paved Paradise: An Evening with the Artists

Thank you to all the artists who presented their work to us last night at our event ‘An Evening with the Artists’, and thank you all who came.

It was great to add another layer of understanding to the works on show, as well as to gain insight into the creative processes and backgrounds of the exhibitors.

Sorsha Galvin spoke about the personal and physical processes she underwent to create her sculptures such as ‘Creep’, and how her work was born of a wish to express the fluid potential of life and human form.

Joanna Layla; Lizzy Rowlett; and Dan Tsu of Lyrix Organix, the collaborators behind ‘Unfold‘, explained how the project had come about; how the collaboration between musicians, animators, poets, illustrators and an app had worked; and how they were taking the project further.

Ute Kreyman led us through her background from architecture and interior design to sculpture, and how her art has changed in response to human size and capabilities. Ute’s sculpture ‘In Between Places’ is actually designed as a kit-of-parts and can be pulled along on its wheels, responding to the transient nature of city living.