Maps Open Call

This is an open call for artists and designers to submit a proposal/piece of work for an exciting exhibition as part of a new creative platform. We hope to include works from artists, designers and architects in various media and with various interpretations of the brief. The exhibition will be open to the public, have works for sale, and will run alongside a programme of talks and events.

Today we map everything: geography; environment; data; and change in our complex and shifting world. Mapping can be a method of documentation; of passing down knowledge; of gaining knowledge; of communication; or of creating an aesthetic work in itself.

This exhibition, titled ‘Maps’, asks exhibitors to respond to their surroundings, to the here and now, and explore ways of representing the spatial, cultural and personal to the audience.

Please submit two A4s (maximum) including:

  • CV and contact details (include samples of existing work)
  • An outline of your proposal/information on work and how it responds to the brief
  • Details about your piece ie. size/ media/ requirements
  • Supporting images

The exhibition will be held in London, in the month of April 2015. More details will follow.

This call is open until 20/01/15; please submit your proposals to