Maps Exhibitor: Susannah Bradley

Susannah Bradley is an American-born multi-media installation artist living and working in London. Her work has frequently revolved around questions between man and his role in nature, often exploring how technology supports or destroys the inherent connection there. Her style has matured into a more minimal and simplistic presentation of strongly conceptual art. Blissful or joyful themes are tempered by precise and engineered composition.

For ‘Maps‘, Susannah will be exhibiting a large-scale drawing installation of London inspired by her own ‘river silhouette’ series of works and invite participants to add to it by drawing a symbol representing a personally meaningful place to them in the city.

Susannah will also have prints of her river silhouette drawings on offer, with the option to customize the design, creating your own personalised map.

Some words by the artist:

Much of my work this year has focused on my river silhouette project which looks at a modern map and removes everything but its waterway. The remaining silhouetted shape often looks like a scar, a crack, a signature, almost anything but the river it symbolizes. Though powerful in their minimal anonymity, people are all the more drawn to the art when they realize what they are looking at.

During the installation, people won’t be looking at another map of our city, but actively shaping a new one full of humanity and connection. As people add significant places to the map, we will be left with a map of London, focused around its river, devoid of streets or landmarks, but full of personal, important moments and places.

River Silouettes, Susannah Bradley
River Silouettes, Susannah Bradley