Maps Exhibitor: So-Ha Au

So-Ha Au graduated from the Wimbledon School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting.

She has used diagrams in her work over many years, starting from palm prints, floor-plans, genealogy trees, to dressmaking patterns – to explore issues of personal histories, sites of ‘memories’, and ‘mapping’ identity.

She is interested in exploring imagined ‘maps’, creating ambiguous ‘maps’ or ‘spatial landscapes’ as a way of locating and placing. In her work So-Ha aims to create a sense of orientation but also the awareness of displacement. Presenting the absence of knowledge – what is lost and unrecoverable.

For ‘Maps’ So-Ha will be exhibiting from a new series of work based on the London map. Removing and retaining certain references to create an imagined geography where current knowledge is absent or disorientating, but alluding to the possibility of either a new landscape or a return to a forgotten past.

Detail from London map series, So-Ha Au
Detail from London map series, So-Ha Au