Maps Exhibitor: Mita Solanky

After a successful career in Science and Computer Engineering, Mita Solanky undertook a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design in January 2013 and is now establishing a contemporary art practice, which she supports through various freelance art projects.

Mita’s work often conveys an ethereal quality as a result of her interest in the connection between what she calls “our (internal) human body and our (external) landscape body.”

Mita’s Piece for Maps:

In my project ‘Body of Work’ I used a process akin to walking in its rhythm and ritual – that of wrapping the body. Walking is done in lines, following the contours of the earth. Wrapping the body mimics these acts. For this project I used the concept of walking – taking a line for a walk – around the body, the resulting pieces of work are the impressions of these walks. The abstract compositions are a human cartography, where an abstracted whole is constructed by piecing together parts, using systems similar to those used in mapping the earth.

The pieces are presented as abstract ‘maps’ of the body, the process of walking is translated to wrapping then unwrapping the strips around the body, then of winding and unwinding them to be transported and assembled in the exhibition space. The process mimics a circular walk, and also of the folding and un-folding of maps, as well as their surfaces – which give a range of visual readings, up close of the microscopic skin impressions, and from a distance a macroscopic ‘map’ of the body. The process of mapping the body is itself a violation of the body, yet it is also sensitive to the body -it reveals everything, and at the same time it reveals nothing.


Body of Work, detail, Mita Solanky
Body of Work, detail, Mita Solanky