Maps Exhibitor: Max Research + Innovation

Max R+I is a group at Max Fordham consultant engineers concerned with research and development in the fields of environmental design, building systems, resource use and experimental architecture.

Hareth Pochee is a physicist, engineer and sometime artist with a passion for design. Born and raised in Barnsley, South Yorkshire he found his way to London via Manchester University physics department. Hareth predominantly works in environmental design of architecture, but his other work include collaborations in film, kinetic sculpture and AV installations. Hareth’s past and current design projects include MAXXI with Zaha Hadid Architects, Brockholes Visitors Centre with Adam Khan Architects, Gourcy School Burkina Faso with Artilce 25 Architects and a giant solar powered floating duck for the LAGI competition.

For ‘Maps‘, Max R+I are exhibiting their installation called ‘Kilowatt, Gigawatt, Terawatt, What?’ (or kW, GW, TW, W? for short) which forms part of Max Fordham’s ongoing research into the UK’s use of energy within the built environment. The piece itself is an animated digital visualisation of energy use in London over a typical day. The group used geographical census data along with their own numerical simulations to produce a model of where and when we use heat and electricity throughout the capital. The resulting animation illustrates the distribution of intensity in human activity as it shifts from residence to work place and back again. ‘Kilowatt, Gigawatt, Terawatt, What?’ is intended to fascinate, inform and bewilder!

Hareth will be presenting more on kW,GW, TW, W? at an evening of talks on Friday 8th May – join is for Looking Closer at Mapping.