Maps Exhibitor: Eva Rudlinger

Eva Rudlinger graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Art & Design, since which she has exhibited internationally including shows in UK, Estonia, Iceland, South Africa and Australia.

For ‘Maps‘ Eva is exhibiting ‘Absent Night’. This work explores artificial light sources in the context of dispersal and ephemeral spaces, operating on a factual and poetical level. Part of the works originated as an echo of some time spent in northern latitudes with the absence of a wholly dark sky during summer and vice versa in winter.

It is a map in the form of a perforated light box reinterprets global areas of artificial light density records from satellites, in conjunction with a series of drawings with ink on paper.

A few words from the artist:

The transformation of elemental conditions, materials and places into distilled microcosmic concepts forms the source of recent works.

Using primary means such as light, energy, space and scale as a catalyst to explore perceptions of time and the temporal, thoughts and processes. Weaving together randomness and symmetric

complexities under varying conditions of atmospheric context, with the capacity for change. The elastic dynamics of the art works can be understood as contextualised practices expressed across a range of artistic forms.

Absent Night, Eva Rudlinger
Absent Night, Eva Rudlinger