Maps Exhibitor: Candide Citò Alice

Candide Citò Alice is a visual artist and art writer. He studied in Italy, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Visual and Performing Arts from IUAV, University of Architecture of Venice; and in the UK, where he obtained a master’s degree in History of Art from the University of Leeds. He lives and works in London.

For the ‘Maps‘ exhibition, Candide Citò Alice has submitted a sculptural piece titled ‘European Archipelago’.

Each sculpture stands for the twenty-eight member states of the European Union. Without touching them, each sculpture faces the others, gently swaying when in contact with a breeze.

A frozen explosion or a suspended conflation, this little archipelago, a drifting continent, has been made to be a touchable sculpture.

Inspired by ‘L’Italia d’oro’ by Luciano Fabro (Golden Italy, 1971), the pieces preserve the most known north-to-south orientation of the map of Europe.

European Archipelago, Candide Citò Alice
European Archipelago, Candide Citò Alice