Maps Exhibitor: Anna Fafaliou

Anna Fafaliou is a London based conceptual and visual artist. Having obtained an MA in Theatre Studies, she arrived in London in 2011 where she continued her studies in Film & Visual Media.

Along with her work as a performer and creative for various artists across Europe, she further continues her research in Body in Performance by studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance.

Exploring the relationship between the body, space and object she creates imaginary environments questioning the way people embody the past, present and future. Inspired by the notion of memory, cultural memory, genetic memory & identity she creates large-scale performance installations working in gallery, theatre and public space contexts.

Living in a consumer society, we tend to understand ourselves through our belongings; thus we associate emotions and feelings with materials and objects. Objects can be perceived as emotionally charged pin points on one’s timeline, providing proof of one’s existence, even when a memory is uncertain.

Anna will be featuring in her own installation work for the ‘Maps‘ exhibition. In this tableau vivant installation called “All I can remember”, Anna aims to create a personal map by connecting herself to key items of her personal belongings. This is a way to explore her interest in the notion of “personal identity” in relation to the “cultural artefacts” that we tend to collect.

erase you erase me - Anna Fafaliou
erase you erase me – Anna Fafaliou