Maps Exhibitor: Alma-nac

Alma-nac is a London-based architecture studio based in Waterloo that emerged in 2010 out of a desire to rethink how an architectural practice can work with clients and projects.

Its founding partners are Chris Bryant, Caspar Rodgers and Tristan Wigfall who all met at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Alma-nac‘s built work includes commissions for creative and forward-thinking individuals from the music industry, publishing and politics. On each project, the architects touch on themes that have a real resonance in the profession and our experience of places. ‘Slim Housein Clapham, London is an example of this type of innovative use of a pocket-of-space that only became valuable through insightful design. The project led to fresh thinking about micro-living and the practice is currently working on two multi-unit housing projects that further explore the notion of compact homes.

A very distinctive aspect of the working methods at Alma-nac is the use of wit, together with direct engagement with the public and the design community, as a sounding board for their work. To this end, the studio has been actively involved in setting up groups and events such as BOW DIY, Free Architecture and Guerilla Tactics. The studio’s discriminating yet constructive approach has won the practice awards and led to Alma-nac being included in the Sunday Times list of top 25 ‘Architects du Jour’.

For ‘Maps‘ Alma-nac will be exhibiting a video and associated drawings of their large-scale interactive installation project ‘Balls!’ This project was produced in collaboration with Ruairi Gynn by the invitation of Arup, as part of the ‘BEL Installation’ for their headquarters in London. It showcases Alma-nac’s commitment to research-based architecture, combined with the use of temporary structures and installations as a way to explore our environment . The result was a fresh look at how technology can be used to map the relationship between buildings and its inhabitants.



Caspar Rodgers will be presenting more on ‘Balls!’ at the event ‘Looking Closer at Mapping’ on Friday 8th May from 6-8pm.