London Festival of Architecture 2017

More on the upcoming exhibition ‘The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories‘:

Art, architecture, physics and engineering coalesce in a multi-practice exhibition featuring work by an eclectic group of other designers, architects and artists, all inspired by the sun, the moon or other memories. Each practice is currently in the process of producing works for The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories to be distributed over the 2 floors of the Clerkenwell Gallery.

Expect a mixture of installations, 2D and 3D works ranging from examples of professional architectural practice to abstracted forms derived from geographical moon maps. Be immersed in a melting pot of ideas and exploration including themes such as intentional degradation, a nostalgia room and architecture intended to trigger memory flashbacks. Work currently in the making includes cyanotype exposures, multiscreen video installations and topographical forms derived from fluid flow. Open daily from 12pm to 7.30pm. Watch this space for further details of sub-events to be held at the space during the exhibition.

Exhibitors include:

AY Architects

Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau 

Daykin Marshall Studio

Carl Turner Architects

aLL Design 

Studio Octopi