It all Starts with a Dream: Laura Bodo Lajber

Laura is a fine artist based in London who has exhibited at many galleries throughout Spain and London. Her work draws on that of the artist Joseph Cornell: using the composition of objects to narrate the story at hand. Her assemblages bring the past lives of each found item to the piece, conjuring other worlds and evoking other times and places.

For ‘It all Starts with a Dream, Laura has entered work from her piece The Nietzche Project, called Royal Ballet. The piece is an exploration in longing and dreaming as an escape from the pain of separation.


A few words from the artist:

Logic is a sin. I despise reality, I choose opera.

I want the audience to stand up and faint. I demand an ovation. Simplicity is also a sin. I despise the effortless. One word flashes in my head and doesn’t leave me alone: “complex”. Despite my efforts for finding a simple route, I bite my lips until they bleed, carving new trails with my nails and making the grass grow on those paths, with my saliva and my breath.

I went far away from everything I knew and ever loved, to embark on a journey that although has a clear end in my mental map, it is now an endless net of roads built as they are walked by a blind man. I thought I was a dancer with a story waiting to be told, looking for a bridge between the secret essence of the words that lay in the darkness and the indiscreet and curious lips of the appropriate narrator. But I am the blind man who draws those roads, I’ve opened up and the blade has touched me. I let it touch me because I prefer the concentrated to the diluted. All that I could be and still, I am nothing. How I love and humiliate, how far I go and ask for closeness. I float in my flood and scream like a crazy and dirty old man, hiding in his hermetic cave.

Whenever I am creating, I am singing or crying. Making art is one of the most natural processes in my life; it is a need, a way for expressing and also healing. In every work I create, I put all I have inside. Every piece tells a story, and it is the result of a very specific feeling. All of them are unique pieces created in a time of internal burning. I find no sense in creating a piece without having a strong sickening need to do so, the pieces are made of fire. 

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