It all Starts with a Dream: Kevin PH Wang & Nicholas O’Leary

Kevin and Nick are both studying/working in architecture: Kevin is currently pursuing a Masters in architecture in Oxford; and Nick is working in architectural visualisation in Norway.

The piece they have entered for ‘It all Starts with a Dream’ beat 300 competitors to win a competition run by Blank Space Project, and is now featured in the book ‘Fairy Tales – When Architecture tells a Story’. The collaboration marries Kevin’s poetic text with Nick’s beautiful oil paintings to bring to life a dystopian world exploring the very boundaries of architecture and imagination.

Scene from Chapter Thirteen
Scene from Chapter Thirteen

A few words from the artists themselves:

Kevin was born on a mysterious island in the Far East, in the shape of a sweet potato. Before his ninth birthday he was swallowed by a giant-metal-winged-beast and flown to a foreign land. Here, on the Land of the Long White Clouds, he found young Nick rolling around with cows. Nick had left the green pastures and crashing waves of his hometown for slightly less green pastures with slightly smaller waves; after finding a path to the old Capital in his twelfth year on a skating-board. At sixteen, Nick spent the year staring at a ball of hair before Kevin’s face appeared on the other side.

So the adventures began.

Living amongst volcanoes and surrounded by two oceans, Kevin and Nick studied the strange and cryptic world of architecture. Five years passed in a yellow cave, before they both emerged with two pieces of paper in hand, proof of their labours, with honours.

In search for more adventures, they parted ways. Kevin crossed the ocean, through the Ring of Fire, for a dream factory that exists in the Concrete Jungle foretold by singing keys. After four years of sleep deprivation as a cog in the machine, he had successfully stolen a dream, and made his way to the City of Spires where the past life of this dream birthed. It is there, the dream he stole was again transformed into words. Meanwhile, Nick made progress training to be a visual magician in the Viking Land of oil and snow. He worked on the most ambitious propositions, and studied under an odd Nerdrum a descendent of past masters. Traversing both the digital world and the ancient arts of old, under years of pounding rain and snow, it allowed Nick to craft his colours. With these colours, still images were brought to life in the dark of the night.

Nick dwells at the Gateway to the Fjords, continuing to experiment in the alchemy of art and architecture. While Kevin still resides in the City of Spires, where he is further mastering architecture and hoping to leave soon with another piece of paper.

And the adventures continue.

See more of Kevin’s work at, and Nick’s creations at

Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen