It all Starts with a Dream: Hollie Miller

Hollie practices in various disciplines, including: choreography; performance; digital technologies; interactivity and large-scale puppetry. She studied Choreography before training in Butoh (a style of Japanese dance theatre), for which she travelled to Japan to advance her learning. Hollie has performed and exhibited at many venues in the UK and New York, and has featured in various short films. She is currently relocating to New York to pursue studies in Performance and Interactive Media Arts.

For ‘It all Starts with a Dream’, Hollie has submitted work form her time in Japan, titled ‘Pierrot’, which she documented through photography and video. The piece is a surreal exercise in understanding the self in relation to the surrounding environment, and was supported by the Lisa Ullmann Traveling Fund.

She describes her project below:

Traveling alone through Japan I wore a costume replica of an antique doll and collaborated with strangers who took my theatrical portrait at various stages along my journey. My disguise and freedom allowed me to explore foreign land as an outsider, whilst being constantly reminded of the feeling of belonging by the identical doll I carried. As I documented this surreal immersion into another culture and landscape I investigated my body as object and the role of ‘artist’ as clown. 

From Pierrot
From Pierrot

Hollie will be giving a special performance as part of the exhibition on the opening evening (Thursday 14th August).

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