It all Starts with a Dream: Electra Costa

Electra is based in London and studied Fine Art at Central St Martins. She has exhibited at many galleries in the UK and has participated in a group show in New York.

Electra’s medium spans pencil drawing, chalkboard sketches and decoupage, often exploring how seemingly innocent objects can be interpreted as sinister due to our personal associations. Romanticised and idealised imagery from bygone eras frequently provide the starting point from which Electra explores the viewers’ own responses.

For ‘It all Starts with a Dream’, Electra has submitted a pencil drawing series – nightmarish takes on a more wholesome time: warped, distorted, and evocatively nostalgic.

Doll House
Doll House

A few words from the artist:

I manipulate aspects of my work by using contrasting images, adding colour to a mostly black and white work or taking away parts leaving the viewer to fill in the gaps. This ambiguity is intended to unsettle the viewer. Turning the work into something more surreal and dream like.

I sometimes use humour to create a reaction but it comes from the darkest end of the comic spectrum.  The images are both comfortably familiar and deeply unsettling.  I explore the idea of nostalgia and the desire for a time that never actually existed.

More of Electra’s work is online at