It all Starts with a Dream: Chiashan Lee

Chiashan is currently studying fine art in Wimbledon, having previously studied textile design both at Chelsea and in her native Taiwan. Chiashan has exhibited both in group and solo exhibitions in Europe, New York and Taipei.

Her piece for ‘It all Starts with a Dream’ is titled ‘Belonging’, and through the production and completed installation explores the idea of national identity and the need to belong.

The Belonging
The Belonging

Some words from the artist:

A dream brings me from 60000 miles away to here.

A dream supports me and gives me courage to stay here.

We dream the same dream. We believe the same dream, which connect us together. The dream helps us to find our belonging.

My practice explores the relationship between Chinese immigrates who live in the western nations and the difficulty of how they find their belonging and identity. My practices also are richly imbued with personal themes and nostalgia as well as references from traditional Chinese culture. I am using an idea of following the dream what we used to believe together in the eastern traditional custom.

The world in experienced in a state of motion, everything is in a state of flux. That which appears stable is temporary stability. Maybe my so-called homeland only exists in my dream in the era.

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