Design and Build Competition

The wonderfully free-thinking design collective raumlaborberlin are hosting a second shabbyshabby competition, following on from Hotel ShabbyShabby in Mannheim last year, this time addressing the housing crisis in Munich. To take part, download the full brief, and send in your proposal by 30th March 2015.

Some words from raumlabor:

<You are a group of young designers and look for your chance to build? You are a lonely architect at some desk in the basement of a big company and want to get out? You are fed up to produce conformist, market-orientated ideas for investors? You have too many ideas and never a chance to get support for them?

This is your chance!

Design a Shabbyshabby Apartment for public space in Munich until 30 March 2015.
Get chosen by our brilliant jury to come and build it with your team.
Be part of a crazy builders camp in September.

Check our websites and download the application PDF now!
Call your friends and partners, buy some beers and produce an idea next weekend!
Then you have 8 weeks left for the visualization.>

ShabbyShabby Apartments raumlaborberlin
ShabbyShabby Apartments raumlaborberlin