Paved Paradise The Big Draw

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A huge thank you to everyone who attended the launch of Paved Paradise last Thursday! We had great fun and hope you did too! Don’t forget the exhibition is open until the 17th October so there is still time to drop by! Last Friday we had an epic Campaign for Drawing‘s The Big Draw event […]

Paved Paradise: Garden Book Club

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Garden Book Club is a collaborative project between illustrator Jamie Mills and artist Megan Wellington exploring the relationships between people and their plants. Partly inspired by the salacious tones of plant-care handbooks, partly from observations and partly invented, the work looks to highlight the tactile nature of these encounters. Working with illustration, collage, photography and […]

Paved Paradise: Sorsha Galvin

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Sorsha Galvin is a sculptor from the west coast of Ireland. Sorsha did a BA in Fine art at the Galway-Mayo institute of technology and later completed a Masters in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. She lives and works in London. Sorsha’s praxis-oriented educational background and extensive experience with the handling of clay has provided […]

Paved Paradise: Uncommonly Beautiful

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Uncommonly beautiful is a Contemporary ethical and sustainable jewellery brand and consultancy studio. In product design the label borrows from the old to create the new. Fragments of history come together to manifest as timeless objects, intricate in beauty and bold as their brass, silver and other materials. The label is an anti-land fill fashion accessory […]

Paved Paradise: Blue Guy Pottery

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Blue Guy Loves you. And Blue Guy would love to make you a pot! Based by Broadway Market in the heart of East London, Blue Guy was born out of a love of craftsmanship, design and experimentation. Following her introduction the the world of ceramics in 2013,  Thidaa Roberts, also an architect, founded Blue Guy […]