Spider-on-the-ceiling’s view

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Spotted these amazing photographs by Menno Aden on Thidaa’s blog, and love them for giving something familiar a whole new perspective (and for their sense of voyeurism….) The flatness and graphic quality of ‘Room Portraits‘ makes them abstract and almost unrecognisable in subject matter, while still interesting in terms of colour and composition. Room Portraits […]

Sensing Spaces

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Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined, at the Royal Academy, is a series of installations by seven different architects, each looking to expand the visitor’s perception of space, and the architect’s role in defining how that space is experienced. The exhibition has thrown the floor open to the discussion over art meeting architecture, partly through the staging of such a large profile […]

Scene is … emerging

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So, a little update on how the Scene project is developing – slowly, slowly behind the scenes, until one summer’s day it will emerge as a butterfly (we hope): The location hunt continues… looking for any kind of property in London can be daunting and disheartening, but when that place is meant to say everything […]

I want to ride my bicycle….

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News from yeahhackney.com: Hackney has won the award for Transport Borough of the year at the London Transport awards 2014 www.transporttimesevents.co.uk/awards.php for its cycling and sustainability initiatives. More info at: www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/hackney-scoops-top-award-for-pioneering-cycling-schemes-9175465.html and lcc.org.uk/articles/love-london-go-dutch-wins-london-transport-award