The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories



The stars are not like they used to be.

Mirrors which reflected our dreams and desires;

Lights dancing across the sky for our amusement:

We are no longer the centre of the universe.


Let’s take it back.

The viewer is invited to interact with the piece: to see themselves reflected within the cosmos and to alter the paths of the planets, tracing the paths of the sun, stars and moon as they orbit.

Circle captures the ephemeral nature of the light as memory: through shadow; material and movement – the planets become playful, yet remain unattainable. The relationships between the celestial beings come to light as they reflect and refract each other through changing alignments and chance meetings.

There is still poetry in glimpsing the memories of a dying star, but-

the stars are not like they used to be.

27 June 2017 – 01 July 2017

Scene will be exhibiting an installation named Circle as part of the London Festival of Architecture exhibition ‘The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories‘.

The exhibition includes work by :

AY ArchitectsCook Robotham Architectural Bureau/ Daykin Marshall StudioCarl Turner ArchitectsaLL Design Studio Octopi SceneBiophile

Circle has been sponsored by Perspex® Brand, and includes music by Double Vicious.