Paved Paradise


Photos: Maria Katsika

Photos: Maria Katsika

Photos: Maria Katsika


06 October 2015 – 17 October 2015

Scene presents ‘Paved Paradise’, the first in a series of shows in an exciting new space, bringing together work from across the creative disciplines and exploring the cross-overs in-between.

‘Paved Paradise’ exhibits work from local artists, designers and architects using different media to explore the relationship between nature and domesticity within a curated setting.

This is spatial storytelling, a theatre set of props working together to tell a story through fragments, hints and atmosphere.

Visitors are free to explore a home which has been dissected, spliced and invaded by nature. This is the threshold between nature and the domestic as a spatial experience; probing the narrative behind art, architecture and design in everyday life.

The exhibition ran alongside a programme of workshops and events exploring creativity and its relevance to our culture today, including a collaborative drawing event as part of the Campaign for Drawing’s Big Draw:

The Big Draw: Story telling, Supper and Collaborative drawing – 9th October

An Evening with the Artists – 13th October

Exhibiting: Blue Guy Pottery; Claire Nicolson; Electra Costa; Emily Gilbert; Emily Stapleton-Jefferis; Forest and Found; Garden Book Club; Ian Law; Joanna Layla; Nikki Strange; One We Made Earlier; Pikku Potin; Rob McSweeney; Samin Ahmadzadeh; Sorsha Galvin; Uncommonly Beautiful; and Ute Kreyman.