It all starts with a dream

it all starts...32

14 August 2014 – 22 August 2014

‘It all starts with a dream’ – a group show featuring works by emerging artists and designers: Electra Costa; Laura Bodo Lajber; Chiashan Lee; Hollie Miller; Kevin Wang and Nick O’Leary. Through a range of media, and through the cross-overs between various disciplines, the exhibition explored the very starting point of creativity.

Looking at dreaming as a creative tool – a catalyst – for productivity and problem solving, the works on show explored free flow of thoughts as a design method, and illustrated how daring to dream leads to final creative output. The curation of the exhibition encouraged the viewer to examine the idea of creative inspiration, seeking understanding of design process.

Each exhibitor answered the brief in differing ways, between them questioning: the idea of belonging; the fine line between fiction and reality; and creativity as escapism.

Alongside each submission, each artist displayed items; images; sounds and words – which inspired the work on show. These ‘beginnings’ illustrate to the viewer the original inspiration and also indicate the process that the artist has undertaken to reach their final piece.