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10 July 2017

Double Vicious Album launch this weekend!

Book your tickets for this weekend’s gig at the Firestation Arts Centre here to enjoy the LIVE album launch of #Circle by Double Vicious.

Pre-order the album on iTunes now!

Saturday 15th July
8pm till 2am

Line up

Double Vicious LIVE
* Patrick Johnson – Guitars, Keyboards
* Ricky Jones – Keyboards, Programming
* Geoff Dunn – Acoustic Drums
* Sam Leak – Piano
* Fred Claridge – Percussion, Guitars, BV’s

( Supporting Act )
All Programs Suspended Due To The Imminent End Of The World LIVE
* James Vernon – Keyboards, Programming
* Mark Rhead – Guitars, Acoustic Drums


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04 April 2017

Scene gets Double Vicious!

Scene are excited to announce our involvement in the upcoming LIVE Double Vicious album launch #Circle.

We will be working alongside Friday Street Music and Plastic Groove to create an immersive event at the brilliant Firestation Arts Centre in Windsor on Saturday 15th July, when the Circle LP is launched live alongside supporting act All Programmes Suspended Due To The Imminent End Of The World, and DJs Dario De Marco, James Vernan and Rick Silver.

Have a listen to the first 8 tracks of the Circle LP here, and watch this space for the ticket launch!

#windsor #plasticgroove #albumlaunch #livemusic #house #jazz #nujazz#balearic #deephouse


Double Vicious

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18 April 2016

Process in Work Residency: Sorsha Galvin

As part of our recent exhibition ‘Process in Work‘, sculptor Sorsha Galvin created a new piece within the gallery space itself over the course of the show.

The work is titled ‘Back to Nowhere’ and over the course of the exhibition we followed the journey taken by Sorsha and the many transformations of her piece. The work will be exhibited at ‘Process‘, the final instalment in the ‘Process’ series, from 16th – 31st May at Dreamspace Gallery.

sorsha-1 sorsha-2 sorsha-3

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15 January 2016


Concept’ is an archive of initial reactions, of first thoughts, of the archetypal sketch on a napkin. It is a celebration of the sketch and of the first spark of an idea before it has solidified.

Sketches from all creative walks come together to create a room full of possibilities. Some are ideas which have not come into fruition but are beautiful pieces in themselves, others express the potential of work to come, while still others are recognisable within their final forms.

We are still receiving entries for ‘Concept’ – please send your proposals to

Include the concept sketch in question and a photograph of the completed work it led to (if it did lead to further work).

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