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01 July 2017

The Sun and the Moon and Other Memories

As the exhibition draws to a close we say thank you to everyone who came, saw, talked, drank, and of course all the memories!

Thank you to Andreas Körner of Biophile, Jenna Al-Ali of Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau and James Daykin of Daykin Marshall Studio who all contributed to an evening of presentations last Thursday. Thank you to all the practices who took part: AY ArchitectsCook Robotham Architectural Bureau/ Daykin Marshall StudioCarl Turner ArchitectsaLL Design Studio Octopi Biophile, and a special thank you to all those behind the scenes who made it happen ( you know who you are!).

We are waiting in excitement for the next outing of our installation #Circle, which will be at the Double Vicious launch event on 15th July.

James Daykin from Daykin Marshall Studio

Circle, installation by Scene

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22 May 2017

London Festival of Architecture 2017

More on the upcoming exhibition ‘The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories‘:

Art, architecture, physics and engineering coalesce in a multi-practice exhibition featuring work by an eclectic group of other designers, architects and artists, all inspired by the sun, the moon or other memories. Each practice is currently in the process of producing works for The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories to be distributed over the 2 floors of the Clerkenwell Gallery.

Expect a mixture of installations, 2D and 3D works ranging from examples of professional architectural practice to abstracted forms derived from geographical moon maps. Be immersed in a melting pot of ideas and exploration including themes such as intentional degradation, a nostalgia room and architecture intended to trigger memory flashbacks. Work currently in the making includes cyanotype exposures, multiscreen video installations and topographical forms derived from fluid flow. Open daily from 12pm to 7.30pm. Watch this space for further details of sub-events to be held at the space during the exhibition.

Exhibitors include:

AY Architects

Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau 

Daykin Marshall Studio

Carl Turner Architects

aLL Design 

Studio Octopi 



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09 May 2017

Scene are exhibiting in The London Festival of Architecture!

Scene are excited to announce our involvement in Max Fordham‘s The Sun and The Moon and Other Memories – an exhibition bringing together multiple disciplines as part of the 2017 London Festival of Architecture:

Art, architecture, physics, engineering and design collide in a multi- practice exhibition curated by Max Fordham LLP.

Featuring work by the Max Fordham Research and Innovation Group and a collection of other designers, architects and artists inspired by the sun, the moon and other memories.

Expect a mixture of 2D and 3D works ranging from examples of professional architectural practice to abstracted forms derived from geographical heat maps.

The exhibition will be open daily with talks from the exhibitors on the evening of Friday 30th of June, more information is to follow.

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08 July 2016

Scene Designs

Spring has been a fantastic but frantic period of exhibitions for Scene – exploring the creative process in its different forms, through exhibition, event, workshop and discussion, culminating in an event as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week Fringe 2016.

Following this craziness, we are taking a break from hosting exhibitions for a while, and are concentrating on our work with others in exhibition, event and installation design and curation.

If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch at: – we look forward to hearing from you!



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07 May 2016

Process at the Dreamspace Gallery

We are looking forward to the final instalment of Process which opens on 16th May at Dreamspace Gallery, Clerkenwell.

The exhibition is the culmination of this spring’s series exploring the various creative processes across creative disciplines including design, architecture, sculpture and art, and will bring together the work created by artists and designers over the course of their residencies and workshops with Scene.
Artists included are: Adam Blencowe; Almudena RomeroChristabel Balfour;Max R+I; and Sorsha Galvin.

On Tuesday 24th May the exhibition will be open late as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week, when participating artists will also be giving informal presentations on their creative processes and their participation in the Process Series. Tickets for this event, ‘Creativity in Process’, are available here.
PROCESS POSTER small online

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