Scene-zine articles from April 2016

18 April 2016

Process in Work Residency: Sorsha Galvin

As part of our recent exhibition ‘Process in Work‘, sculptor Sorsha Galvin created a new piece within the gallery space itself over the course of the show.

The work is titled ‘Back to Nowhere’ and over the course of the exhibition we followed the journey taken by Sorsha and the many transformations of her piece. The work will be exhibited at ‘Process‘, the final instalment in the ‘Process’ series, from 16th – 31st May at Dreamspace Gallery.

sorsha-1 sorsha-2 sorsha-3

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15 April 2016

Process to be part of Clerkenwell Design Week!

The final transformation of the Process series – ‘Process‘ to be held at Dreamspace Gallery – is listed as part of the Clerkenwell Design Festival, CDW Fringe, which takes place from 24-26th May 2016!

As part of the exhibition, works which have been produced as part of ‘People in Process‘ and ‘Process in Work‘ will be on display, and an evening of presentations given by the artists will take place on Tuesday 24th May as part of the CDW events.

Artists include: Adam Blencowe; Almudena Romero; Christabel Balfour; Max R+I and Sorsha Galvin.

‘Process’ will be open from 16th – 31st May, Monday – Friday from 9-5pm.



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08 April 2016

Process in Work: Opening

Thank you all so much for coming to the opening of Process in Work last night! We had a great time creating our own moire patterns in Max R+I‘s installation, and seeing the first instalment of Sorsha Galvin‘s piece ‘Back to Nowhere’.

If you missed the private view, there is still time to visit as the show will run until 17th April, from 12-6pm Tuesday-Sunday.

For a chance to visit the gallery after hours, we have a late opening on Tuesday 12th April when The Exchange is hosting an open discussion on the subject of ‘Process’ within the gallery – book your tickets here for only £3 including a drink!

And on Friday 15th we will also have a late opening when visitors will have a chance to see how exhibits have changed over the week – how Sorsha’s piece has evolved, and how the research from Max R+I’s Moire Screens has accumulated.



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05 April 2016

Process in Work

The second part of the Process series, ‘Process in Work‘ opens this week!

Four artists and designers explore how their experimental approaches to the creative process and working methods form the very fabric of their work. More than informing or guiding the design, the process becomes integral to the end result.

Through sculpture, installation, design & architecture, we examine where the creative process can lead, how it can dictate outcome, and the importance of the action itself relative to the completed piece.

Join us Tuesday – Sunday from 12-6pm from 8th- 17th April or for one of the special events below!


Opening night 7th April – 7-9.30pm *First Thursday!*
The Exchange 12th April – book your ticket here.
Late Opening 15th April – until 9pm!

Artists include: Max Fordham R+I; Naty Lopez-Holguin; Sorsha Galvin; Studio Weave.

From 'Lullaby Factory' by Studio Weave

From ‘Lullaby Factory’ by Studio Weave

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04 April 2016

Process in Work: Studio Weave

Founded in 2006, Studio Weave is an award-winning RIBA Chartered architecture practice based in London. The studio balances a joyful, open-minded approach with technical precision to create a diverse body of work in the UK and abroad for public, private and commercial clients. Studio Weave values idiosyncrasies in creating a sense of place, from the characteristics that make somewhere unique, to the niche skills of people with a connection to the project. Their aim is to harness the strengths of each project and its team to create something distinctive and of exceptional quality.

Studio Weave’s ethos is to recognise that each and every project is a transformation; aiming to make a place the best version of itself – allowing places to play to their strengths and not imposing preconceived ideals. They believe that the realisation of an idea is as important as the idea itself, and focus significant effort into finding innovative ways to realise their projects. Collaboration is key to Studio Weave’s practice and they enjoy working closely with everyone involved in and affected by the design process, including clients, users, funders, contractors, consultants, and neighbours.

At ‘Process in Work’, Studio Weave will be presenting the workings behind their project ‘Lullaby Factory’ – the transformation of an unused, landlocked outdoor space at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. This work, and the creative process which went on in order for the project to be realised, is as interesting and beautiful as the end product itself, responding to the site in imaginative ways.


Lullaby Factory by Studio Weave

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03 April 2016

Process in Work: Sorsha Galvin

Sorsha Galvin is a sculptor from the west coast of Ireland. Sorsha did a BA in Fine art at the Galway-Mayo institute of technology and later completed a Masters in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. She lives and works in London.

For ‘Process in Work’ Sorsha will be using her body to sculpt and mold over 180kg of clay, creating a new piece of work over the period of the exhibition, called ‘Back to Nowhere’.

‘Back to nowhere’
The boat has long been used as a symbol for the last journey, the carrier of souls. The boat is also a symbol of the body itself, a container; its integrity compromises a boundary. Its empty space makes a cavity in the surrounding water in the same way that our bodies displace air. ‘Back to nowhere’ draws from these associations, it is the body transfigured into another object.

The Departed, Sorsha Galvin

The Departed, Sorsha Galvin

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