Scene-zine articles from March 2016

06 March 2016

People in Process: Almudena Romero

Almudena Romero‘s visual arts practice researches across different media: photography; video; animation; sculpture; printmaking.  She is interested in how we understand and depict ourselves and how the visual arts are used in both processes, focusing on what she defines as the visual narratives of the self.  Her work combine early processes, including cyanotypes, salt prints, egg albumen prints as well as wet plate collodion tintypes and ambrotypes with new technologies such as 3D printing.

Almudena will be giving a presentation about her working processes at ‘People in Process – An Evening with the Artists’ on Thursday 17th March, tickets are still available here.

As part of Almudena’s residency at Scene, she will also be running a collaborative cyanotype workshop within the gallery on Saturday 19th March, spaces are limited so please book a space here.

Almudena Romero, 'Ben' -  Profile Pictures I.

Almudena Romero, ‘Ben’ – Profile Pictures I.


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06 March 2016

People in Process: Adam Blencowe

Adam Blencowe graduated from the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art in 2015. He now works from his studio in Bow, East London

His approach to design centres on combining existing materials and systems in new ways to produce unexpected results. For example Fuzzy Logic adapted a Makita jigsaw to make precision felted textiles. Thaw found a new way of casting ordinary plaster of paris using the ephemeral property of ice.

In his work he examines in forensic detail traditional techniques and processes exploring their specific characteristics thus enabling him to reinterpret them in a contemporary way.

Adam will be exhibiting work from his series ‘The Adhocist Chair’, and holding a workshop on Saturday 12th March exploring the exercise of designing and making with limited time and resources. Places are limited so please book your space here.

Adam Blencowe, The 9.99kg Chair

Adam Blencowe, The 9.99kg Chair

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03 March 2016

People in Process: A Collaborative Cyanotype Workshop

As part of Scene’s exhibition ‘People in Process‘, artist Almudena Romero will host a workshop exploring the photographic process of the cyanotype. Almudena has worked with many different user groups to share the early photographic techniques that she specialises in, and in this workshop participants will learn the cyanotype technique, working together to form a collaborative piece which will be exhibited as part of the ongoing ‘Process‘ series.

Almudena’s work will also be on display at the ‘People in Process‘ exhibition from 10-21st March.

Spaces are limited so book here to avoid disappointment!

Almudena Romero

Almudena Romero

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01 March 2016

People in Process: An Evening with the Artists

Scene invites you to an evening of discussions as part of ‘People in Process‘: the first part of the Process series, exploring how the creative process can be a collaboration between artist and end user/ the public.

Through art, architecture and design, the exhibition explores how involvement of those destined to enjoy the outcome of creative labour can help shape it, add to it and inform it.

An evening of talks on the subject will be held within the gallery, to discuss the merits and methods behind opening creative practice to the public. Speakers include: Adam Blencowe; Almudena Romero, Christabel Balfour and erect architecture.

Join us at The Depot, 38 Upper Clapton, E5 8BQ, on 17th March from 7-9pm.

Book a space for £3 including a glass of wine here!


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