Scene-zine articles from May 2014

30 May 2014

Henrique Oliveira in Action

I have been in love with his work since I saw it and am so excited to post this article from Colossal (great for art by the way). Henrique Oliveira’s installations are breathtaking and seeing it mid installation is fascinating for me – all reclaimed materials, biomorphic, beautiful and ingenious.

HO_14 IMG_5977 Transarquitetonica_07

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30 May 2014

Summer Nostalgia

Summer is nearly upon us: allergies and sticky commutes…..but we can dream! Cinema will transport us to the carefree, lazy, hazy days of sunny nostalgia, and the threat of something darker hiding behind the roses.

Sit back and enjoy…..v1


The Virgin Suicides



A Single Man


Edward Scissorhands



Boogie Nights


China Town


Moonrise Kingdom




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22 May 2014

Looking for a home

We’ve been a bit quiet lately – but believe me it’s been busy behind the scenes!! Cooking up lots of exciting ideas for the gallery and studios, including tester shows before we open and ways to get out there and spread the word (!) ….

…But – the main issue now is – where shall we live? which area of this multi-facetted city to base ourselves in, and how to find the building we will call our home? Slow going – but watch this space!

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